First Rhubarb harvest!



I love Rhubarb..not so much for it’s taste, but for how it makes me feel. It makes me feel like I am a superstar gardener! I weeded them, mulched them, watered them once and already I have giant Rhubarb plants that I can proudly show off…not that I have ever seen scraggly rhubarb! Haha! 

Now that I have harvested a small quantity, I need to find things to do with it. I used a few stalks to make a delicious rhubarb sauce which delicious when poured warm over ice cream. I plan to tackle freezing some, making some cake and maybe even venturing into the whole pie thing which is a bit taboo to me. I’m not really sure why, but the thought of making a pie is a bit overwhelming to me. I have boxed numerous pies when I worked at a bakery but never actually MADE one myself!

Any rhubarb recipes or tips would be hugely appreciated! Some outside the box suggestions especially! 🙂 


6 thoughts on “First Rhubarb harvest!

      • moneyortime says:

        I hope you like them. I think they are the best thing ever! I actually hate rhubarb, but love to grow it and harvest it (and now I love it in these cookies). I do make at least one strawberry rhubarb pie a year (adding more strawberries to cover the taste of rhubab, LOL) and only make it when we have guests over so I know it will get eaten. Rhubarb also freezes very well for winter pies, or more cookies 🙂

      • SafeHappyTravel says:

        I hope so too! I’m actually pretty certain I will because I like rhubarb..I’m hoping my husband really likes them because he is fussy 😛 I froze most of my first harvest..It took all my courage to face my fears and bake my first pie ever…I did not want to push my luck haha. First one turned out pretty good considering I forgot some ingredients:P

      • SafeHappyTravel says:

        And I LOVE growing it too! Makes me feel good about my gardening skills…despite the fact that one patch is actually growing up through a huge pile of scrap wood and branches as if nothing was interfering with its growth lol.. I still flatter myself about my green thumb haha 😛

      • moneyortime says:

        Baking pies is great, if you have the right crust recipe. It took me a couple years before I figured it out!
        You can also make rhubarb pies and freeze them. Perfect for unexpected company.

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