Front yard improvements

In October 2012, my husband and I bought our big old house from a bank foreclosure and by November we were moving in. The property was overgrown and under all the grass and weeds are hidden bags and bags of odds and ends such as toys, linens, garbage and so on. Signs of previous owners are everywhere, the dog bowls by the crab apple tree, the ornaments in the overgrown flower gardens, broken wind chimes in the trees. Thankfully the house was empty, but the yard is in need of some serious TLC to make it our own.

Earlier in the spring, we got to work on the big stuff such as clearing away junk, mowing tall grass, trimming back roses and lilacs and I am pretty satisfied with that aspect. Today, I began a new chapter of our yard improvements right beside the main door.Image

I cluttered up the overgrown walkway toward the hose wall-mount with my gardening stuff and pretty much neglected it up until today.

It’s amazing what a little de-cluttering will do, followed by a little rock garden and some weeding!Image

Clearly, there is still some work to do..such as fill the garden( Herbs and flowers!), finish the garden,paint the railing and maybe throw down some white stones under the hose area or something to that effect. I have to say I am pretty satisfied with where this is headed though! The 50 blackfly bite welts were so worth it…Kind of! 🙂


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