My Biggest Storybook Ever

Look what  came in the mail today!


This is the book my brother and I loved and shared growing up. Being 7 years my elder, he would read many of the stories to me and when he was gone, I would look at the pictures and imagine side stories to go with them. Despite being good to our books, we eventually had to tape the spine and the cover picture faded. When we grew out of storybooks, my parents stored it safely with many other of our temporarily forgotten treasures. They are still guarding this one like dragons..I think they are afraid of losing it for good and never being able to read it to their grandchildren.

I went on a hunt for My Biggest Storybook Ever to call my very own and was greeted with very little results. I am told by the lady at the bookstore that this is because it went out of print. How such a wonderful book could be left to forget like that is beyond me, but eventually I found the pot of gold on Amazon. I ordered 3 copies just to be safe hahaha:) And to give one to my brother of course..

The art in this book is beautiful and the stories are still good some 20 years later! Sammy Scarecrow’s birthday tree still makes me dream, Pip the pup still makes me smile and Fancy the pig is still adorable!


Do you know about this wonderful book I am such a fan girl of?

Now excuse me while I return to my childhood for the evening! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Biggest Storybook Ever

  1. Kathy Tetlock says:

    I too, still love to read the books of my childhood and without guilt or shame. I love Pippi Longstocking and Nancy Drew. And my sister, who is now passed on, read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to me! I’m so happy that you remember and appreciate your memories.

  2. MaKenna says:

    I also adore this book from my childhood and am currently re-reading all the stories. I think I got it as a gift when I was born, but I have loved it very much over the years. You’re right – the pictures are gorgeous, and the stories are unique and fun. And (strange as it sounds) even the very smell of the book is comforting and brings back wonderful memories.

    My copy is also well-loved, and will continue to be well-loved for a long time to come.

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