Treasures in the mail

As some of you may know or can imagine, long distance relationships are not easy and when you are lucky enough to have things work out in the long run, someone’s family is generally still far away. In my case, my in-laws live in Belgium and we only get to see them once or twice a year which is sad.

However, the silver lining of the situation is that we find ways to stay in touch and to make special holidays not go unnoticed. We video chat, send little things in the mail, send bigger things with travelling friends etc.  We make the best of the situation.

Yesterday, when we came home from town, we had a little surprise in the mailbox..poppy seeds from Flanders!! I was so excited. I like poppies..and these ones are even more special due to their origins! I had been talking my Belgian mama’s ear off about my garden for the last few months and she could not help but send me a little contribution! I am very excited and only hope I can get them to grow really nice before she arrives in the fall!




My ever growing garden !

Well once again I will pull the ”busy” card as an explanation to my delays in posting, but at least I have something to talk about now!

I finally have 2 consecutive days off work and have thrown on my work cloths and crawled into the garden. I finally got my onions in the ground over the weekend and they shot up in a matter of days which makes me pretty proud. I only planted 2 rows and unfortunately one of them is crooked, but I will have to put my OCD aside for a season and just deal with it.


I intend on sowing a few rows of carrots among the onions as it is my understanding that they are great companions.

Lately, my husband has been showing more interest in the garden, helping me weed, turn soil and even do some planting.

I think my excitement is contagious..or he just likes to see me covered in dirt, grinning ear to ear as I talk about my plans for the garden.

We made a team effort to clear out a little patch for the potatoes next to the zucchini plants. I must admit I have done zero research as to how good of a companionship those 2 types of plants will be, but hopefully it wont be a bad combination. I have 3 German butterball potato plants that I bought as grown plants at the store. My mother nearly disowned me for it(jokingly), but it was the only way for me to get my hands on a decent yellow potato for Belgian fries( for the Belgian husband 😛 ). We also planted  organic white potatoes for the remainder of the potato bunch.

My garlic chives and dill are sprouting up enough to be identified among the weeds finally. I will be needing to plant some more dill however because I only see 3 sprouts! My lone Scarlet runner bean is happily climbing a bamboo trellis I got from a dollar store and my broccoli&cauliflower are doing great..despite the fact that I mixed them together and do not know which are which haha! 🙂  I guess I will find out come harvest season at the very least!

Here is a picture of my garden taken this evening and a picture from a few weeks ago… I like to think I see some progress there 🙂

Garden in June
Garden in early May

And of course, none of this gardening adventure would be near as fun if I did not have my faithful little companions to watch me work and occasionally walk through my onion patch!

My puppies in front of the garden ( as seen coming from the house)
My puppies in front of the garden ( as seen coming from the house)