Treasures in the mail

As some of you may know or can imagine, long distance relationships are not easy and when you are lucky enough to have things work out in the long run, someone’s family is generally still far away. In my case, my in-laws live in Belgium and we only get to see them once or twice a year which is sad.

However, the silver lining of the situation is that we find ways to stay in touch and to make special holidays not go unnoticed. We video chat, send little things in the mail, send bigger things with travelling friends etc.  We make the best of the situation.

Yesterday, when we came home from town, we had a little surprise in the mailbox..poppy seeds from Flanders!! I was so excited. I like poppies..and these ones are even more special due to their origins! I had been talking my Belgian mama’s ear off about my garden for the last few months and she could not help but send me a little contribution! I am very excited and only hope I can get them to grow really nice before she arrives in the fall!




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