She found Spring!!

She found Spring!!

As I was playing with sprouting lilies yesterday, I heard my big Georgea groaning and looked up to find her rolling about a sunny warm patch of semi green grass. This went on for a good 5 to 10 minutes, occasionally stopping mid roll, paws in the air, eyes closed, just enjoying the suns warmth. Such a cutie! 🙂


Look what I got!

BUNNIES!! ImageImage That’s right! Meet Hobbs & Morello, two pretty little girls I had no plans of getting. They are little bunnies that were ” found” and brought to the pet store my husband works at. Nobody knows for sure what breed they are or how big they will get, so he decided to just bring them home to me with a brand new cage and setup for them. I had some doubt about them at first, I never really WANTED to get a bunny, never mind two, and I was afraid I might be allergic to them, not to mention that I had no particular USE for them. My doubts quickly faded when I started to play with them and get to know them though, they are sweet, intelligent little creatures that are somehow already learning tricks! I didn’t even know bunnies did tricks! I am not allergic to them, but the dust they create when they start kicking around their cage does make me sneeze! As for a use, rabbit manure make for excellent fertilizer I hear, so my flower gardens will thank them! Very pleased with my new little friends, now to find some chickens!!


When we first got them home. Such little cuties!