My, My, how time flies!

It has been 8 months since I last posted here and it feels like last week! Christmas has come and gone and my hours at work are suddenly and abruptly reflecting here I am! With time on my hands to share my thoughts and all that fun jazz.

Speaking of has been so long since I blogged here that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why my blog address is!! All I can think is that it must have been a typo of some sort! 🙂 Ah well..the best names come by accident. Like Shmidtens! Our kitten. Yup, that’s right! We did what we swore we would never do and we adopted a kitten. I am relieved to say, that at least we did not simply succumb to a cute face in a window. Nope, Shmidtens was a (more or less) 2 week old little kitten that my parents brought in after hearing him crying for whole evening then morning. Mommy cat left him and we took him, bottle fed him, pooped him (ugh the smell is burned into my nose hairs!), and cleaned him and as he grew and learned to poop by himself and later(soo much later) to clean himself and eat properly, we began to fall for him and his little ”Prrr!’s”. We had been taking are of him for a week when his sister was found in a similar spot and situation and I can happily report that she has found her forever home tonight! 🙂

Anyways, back to the initial cat story, after caring for Shmidt and watching him grow, he became part of the family, he snuggles with the dogs and with our faces, he greets us in the morning with strange little noises and much purring and we could not find it in our hearts to see him go.

Since the last post I have also taken up beach glass crafts, attended my first ever Artisan market, made my first commissioned art sale, got a second commission as a result of the first, sold over 100$ worth of handmade earrings, gotten a handful of penpals, gotten into Postcrossing, and started making time to read( currently reading:Under the Tuscan Sun).

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah…those 2 little girl bunnies I got a while ago? Yea..they turned out to be a girl and a boy..and also NOT little! 🙂 I guess that’s what you get for taking rabbits from someone who ”found” them. You have no idea what you are getting!On the bright side, I will be building them a nice little hutch and run in the spring and they can live a happy life making me lots of fertilizer hehehe! I also visited Chicago( C2E2!Wee!!!) and got to go to Europe again finally and fell in love with Wales, rediscovered London under a new angle(one I like this time!)while celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary and spend some quality time with friends and family in Belgium. Great times!

Oh! And did I mention I became an auntie for a second time? 😀

Well that should be about all for my catching up post. I shall write more soon!



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