My goals for 2015

I’ve never been big on resolutions, but I do love me some goals! So Without further ado, here are some of the goals I hope to achieve or things I would like to do for 2015.

1- Read 25 books and at least one needs to be a biography or an autobiography.
2- Expand my vegetable garden.
3- Start an herb garden around the deck.
4- Go beach glass hunting with my mom.
5- Build a Hutch&Run for the rabbits.
6- Build a chicken coop and get chickens
7- Do the 52 week money challenge!
8- Clear the orchard and trim the apple trees!
9- Make a batch of homemade wine and if all goes well, maybe start our own little wine cellar!
10- Take a class on something.
11- Sell over 150$ worth of handcrafted/homegrown items ( Art, crafts, jams, fresh fruit & veggies, eggs…)
12- Take a road trip south of the border, probably to Maine.
13- Plant & stake raspberries along the back of our property.
14- Hike new(to us) trails around the Maritime provinces.
15- Invest more time and energy in our home and land.
16- Spend more quality time with my husband. Small things like quiet walks in the evening, campfires, picnics in the sun and beach outings.
17- Take a motorcycle trip to the seaside with my dad.
18- Spend as much quality time with my family as I can.
19- Send a monthly letter to the mama in law in Belgium with news and pictures and little snippets.
20- Achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle!

Bring it on 2015! 😀


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