”Under the Tuscan Sun” style herb garden.

I recently finished reading Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes and I loved it. I loved being taken along on her journey of restoring the old house and discovering the land it sat on. I loved following the slow but real adventures as they slowly made the place homey and learned to care for and harvest the olives, how to use the pine nuts, and her description of the fresh herb smells around the house.

I have found myself, as a result, dreamily perusing my seed catalog, mentally placing all the various delicious smelling herbs in our border garden and looking for the perfect vegetables to harvest straight off our deck. I dream of a big weaved basket hanging over my arm as I make my rounds in the garden, plucking fresh veggies for supper, picking yummy apples for a fresh batch of warm apple sauce and topping the basket with a bunch of fragrant herbs; some basil for pesto, parsley, some mint and lavender for a soothing tea and maybe so dill, just to make my mouth water.

And since this is a dream, the weather would be perfect not hot and muggy or too-chilly-for-summer and there would be of course, no bugs 😉



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