A cold and lots of cake.

Well here it is! My first post as a 26 year old! Yesterday, after a week of little celebrations here and there, I finally turned 26. The one time I will be exactly half my moms age! It was a great week, after being spoiled on Saturday, like I mentioned here , the fun continued. Monday, we had a big cake at work for the 3 birthday girls in January( myself, the boss and our youngest pharmacist) along with a birthday card each that was signed by all the staff. One of the staff signed ” You put the super in supervisor!”. It melted my heart a little bit.. 🙂

On Wednesday night, my husband cooked me a yummy meal for supper and attempted a microwave brownie cake which turned out a bit iffy, but it was the thought that counted and I thought it was super sweet!! On Thursday, my actual birthday, I woke up feeling a bit fuzzy brained, Ama made me a waffle breakfast and gave me my remaining gifts; A k-cup storage unit (so that my tons of coffee stop littering the cupboards) and Bossy Pants, the book by Tina Fey ( so far it is super good!). Later my parents came over and we had coffee and MORE CAKE!! 😀 and they gave me a set of 2 cups, but not any cups. These are Disapearing Tardis cups!! When you ad a hot beverage, the Tardis slowly disappears from one side and ”transports through time and space” to the other side!! It’s kind of magical!

I know that many people like to ignore their birthdays, but as a child I was always made to feel special on my birthday and I never really grew out of that. I bask in the glory of all the birthday wishes, special treatments, visits and lets face it; facebook posts! 😛 If I am going to get rewarded yearly for getting older, I’ll take it!! 🙂

Things got slightly less wonderful as the day progressed and I had to go to work. I could feel a cold coming on and by the time I got home last night, I was feeling terrible, possibly even feverish, but Hey! If that’s the price I have to pay to get a weeks worth of cake, again, I’ll take it!


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