The onion project

I was sitting here browsing the interwebs when I came across an interesting post! An in-home onion station! Now if you are from a warm area, this isn’t really relevant, but for any Northern living human who likes onions, this is a pretty cool idea!

If you wish to read the original post, it is here , but it is in French. It’s pretty straight forward though..

All you need is:

Onion Bulbs
A large plastic bottle ( 5L)

Take your bottle and cut holes the size of a large onion all around and up it. Fill the bottle with dirt, up to the first set of holes and then plant your first onion bulbs(lining them up with the holes in the bottle), then add more dirt up to the next level and repeat. When you are done filling the bottle with dirt and bulbs, water it and put it in a warm window.

You end result should look something like this:


This picture was taken directly from the original post I saw.

Fresh onions year round!  The great part is, every time you pick an onion, just replace it with a new bulb and let it grow! I must do this!


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