Craft classes

Recently, the shop across the hall from where I work opened as a local crafts shop. You can find anything from amazing wood carvings, to funky paintings, homemade cards, photography, jewelry in masses, and lots of knitted and crocheted wonders. This was pretty cool I thought, and then they brought in a weekly farmers market with free coffee and lots of delicious homemade treats to buy!

Coooll!! Who doesn’t want a free coffee with a freshly baked bag of cookies on their break??

But now, rumor has it as of yesterday that they are thinking of hosting craft classes in the back locals now!! What!? You mean I could get off work, change, walk across the hall and plop myself down for a painting class? A knitting class? A wood crafting class!?

My excitement levels at this prospect are very very high! 😀 I just have to hope they do not charge ridiculously high prices and then become a master crafter 😛


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