Fable or poem inspired mail art- Challenge!

Anybody who paid any amount of attention in school can remember at least one fable or poem that was introduced as a means of learning an important life lesson or simply to study its poetic structure( or something like that).  I know I was introduced to a good few in grade 4 when we spent a whole semester learning about different types of poems, couplets and tercets and counting our syllables for Haikus( though I don’t remember them being called Haiku in French!)

So here is a challenge for you, fellow mail-art lover( or snail mailer, or artist!). I challenge you to create a piece of mail art using a fable or a poem from your childhood as your inspiration!  It can be a drawing, a collage, a colour scheme, or anything you like that you feel is in theme with the fable or poem of your choice. Once completed, upload a post about it and show your readers and me! Please tag it  Fable Mail Art  and/or share your post in my comment section so I can see it!

Heres mine, I chose the fable that stuck with me the most ”The fox and the Crow”( Le corbeau et le renard). I can remember first reading the story in class, how I saw where it was going when the fox starts to trick the crow and then cringing as the crows falls for it. The strangest things can leave an impact on a child apparently!

Anyway, we later moved on to the poem by Jean de La Fontaine which was inspired by the fable.

Maître Corbeau, sur un arbre perché,
Tenait en son bec un fromage.
Maître Renard, par l’odeur alléché,
Lui tint à peu près ce langage :
“Hé ! bonjour, Monsieur du Corbeau.
Que vous êtes joli ! que vous me semblez beau !
Sans mentir, si votre ramage
Se rapporte à votre plumage,
Vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois. ”
A ces mots le Corbeau ne se sent pas de joie ;
Et pour montrer sa belle voix,
Il ouvre un large bec, laisse tomber sa proie.
Le Renard s’en saisit, et dit : “Mon bon Monsieur,
Apprenez que tout flatteur
Vit aux dépens de celui qui l’écoute :
Cette leçon vaut bien un fromage, sans doute. ”
Le Corbeau, honteux et confus,
Jura, mais un peu tard, qu’on ne l’y prendrait plus.

Fable inspired Mail Art

Fable inspired Mail Art

I was even dorky enough to have some fox stamps on hand and added them for the sake of the picture 😛 If I was Really Cool I’d have these stamps to plaster it with!

PicMonkey CollageHowever they are A- Not Canadian and B- Fairly old, most likely hard to come across and probably pricey. But the thought it there!

Anyway, this is my first ever attempt at a challenge so I’d be every so grateful if someone participated! And remember, it doesn’t have to be a drawing..it can be a colour scheme, stickers, collages, whatever reminds YOU of the fable or poem YOU chose 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fable or poem inspired mail art- Challenge!

  1. devalayer says:

    Thank you for the invite to this challenge, Shannon! My heads buzzing with ideas – if only I had the time (and a printer) to make them reality now. I’ll keep this in my mind for future reference though! 😀

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