I’ve seen quite a few people posting about their outgoing and incoming mail lately, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon with my outgoing mail from the last week or two. Unfortunately, despite constantly trying to remind myself, I forgot to snap a picture of the letter I sent to my newest penpal in San Francisco as well as the finished January package sent to my in-laws. -.-Anywhooo..Here’s my first reply to Muriel in Belgium!

First reply to Muriel!

First reply to Muriel!

Unfortunately the picture came out fuzzy, but you get the idea! 🙂 I include one of the Cat in the Hat bookmarks I got in a pack of 30 at Michaels (Score!!) and a comic font sticker. As this is the first time I reply to her, I didn’t want to have too many tuck ins..I like to wait and build up the friendship a bit first I guess..


Here I’ve got a little Birthday package to a colleague of mine which contained some tea, a few chunks of wax melts and some Almond sweets. She loves horses, so I stuck this horse postcard I got while in Iceland. The little birdie with the scroll was a letter to my penpal in the Netherlands which I’m hoping to hear back from soon, she usually replies really quickly and always sends me great letters and stuff 🙂
Ensuite; the poppy bookmark was a handmade tuck in that I sent to the mama in-law in her January package. I’ve decided to try to send her one letter/package a month until her visit at the end of the year. I’ve even managed to get my husband to participate a little with some ideas and topics…after all, he is her son 😛 The letters are just rambles about whats been going on in our daily lives, and we try to include something fun related to whats been happening or a holiday, or just something she would like. The January package(which I forgot to get a picture of-.-) had a little pocket planner, the bookmark and a few Jamie Oliver recipe cards(shes a cook and looooves Jamie Oliver). Hopefully she likes it! 🙂

And finally, spiderman and the tv haven’t gone anywhere yet, I just had some fun decorating the envelopes on the days where I had no letters to write. Not sure who to send them to yet…but I’m sure I will figure it out eventually! Maybe in the week to come! But somehow I doubt it…I’ve gotten quite attached to my tv…


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