Passing on my love of snailmail

A little while ago, I made made a blog post called Letters Vs Emails in which I told you all about my love for snail mail and where that love came from. I am not yet a parent, and even farther from being a grandparent, but I am happy to call myself the Auntie of two beautiful and funny little girls named Avery and Emma.

Their mom tells me that her oldest loves to get mail, so I thought, why not be that cool aunt who sends her super fun sparkly letters and cards? Soon enough, Emma will be old enough to enjoy them as well!

So here is the Valentine card I made them:

wpid-img_20150131_152402.jpgI had sticky alphabet stickers which is what I used for the card, and the envelope is just little heart drawn in bright market and a touch of sparkly glue. I plan on including a booklet of stickers too once the storm passes and I can get out to the dollar store!

I’d be so excited if they grew up to be little snail mailers that fill my mailbox with drawings and letters!! 😛


4 thoughts on “Passing on my love of snailmail

  1. dear detective says:

    I do this with my cousin’s two girls – I think it’s awesome to expose kids to mail and spark their creativity that way, especially since they don’t get much experience with it in this day and age! what a great auntie you are!

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