Surprise Birthday Bundle

A few years back, I moved from my little home town in Quebec to a small town in Nova Scotia. It is a 12+ hour drive between my current home and my hometown where the handful of close friends I had still live. In an effort to maintain our bond, I try to send them a little something from time to time..usually in the form of Christmas card or birthday card.

This year, my friend Mc,( who is also the new adoptive mother of my horse) is turning 26. To me, 26 is a big deal..more so than 24 and 25. My mom had me at 26 so I think I always saw that age as the start of adulthood…I know..I’m a little behind XD

Anyways, I thought I’d make her a little something special this year, she has been working hard at restoring her home, raising her first son and recently went back to school to become an accountant so she deserves a little special surprise.

Suprise Birthday Bundle

Surprise Birthday Bundle

Mc and I usually get really silly when we get to hang out together, so I took the silly approach with the package and included a party hat and a whoopie cushion,  and a balloon ( I got this tuck in idea from the wonderful Devalayer) but I still included a sincere handmade birthday card with a more classic/vintage/ horsey look as well.




And finally I was thinking of including this picture of myself for the giggles. That way we can sort of birthday party it up together…sort of.. 🙂



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