To adopt a hippo!

Every now and again, when I’m working the postal counter, someone shares the story behind their parcel with me. Yesterday was one of those days and it was a great story!

It all started when this sweet older lady came to pick up a parcel which contained her grandsons birthday gift. She told me his favourite song over the holidays was ” All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus”, apparently the kid has good taste. So anyways, get this, for his birthday, she adopted him a hippo!! As a fellow fan of the hippo song, my eyes must have popped with excitement, because she launched into explaining her gift to me.

All you have to do is visit the World Wildlife Federation and click Adopt.  This will give you a whole big list of animals you can ”adopt”. In her case she said it cost 55$ plus shipping, the money goes toward preserving and maintaining their habitat, the reserves etc. and in exchange you can receive a gift which, for her was an adoption certificate, a plushy, info on the species, a WWF bag and a photo. She took the plushy out for me to see and it was a decent size, super cute, soft and good quality stuffy.

WWF logo

I thought this was such a fantastic idea!! It’s thoughtful because he loves hippos, he gets a toy and the info cards  to unwrap, and the money is going to preserve the endangered animals he loves!

I am so tickled by this idea that I think I might just adopt a a moose for my mother-in-law in Belgium, or maybe a cute fuzzy looking animal like a polar bear or a koala for my niece!! Or maybe an elephant for myself! What would you adopt and for who?


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