On the hunt for snowshoes

Being a Canadian, I am guilty, just like many many others of complaining about the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Really..I think our bodies go through year-round shocks.

” AHH!!This heat!!”  * slowly adjusts to hot weather* then BAM -25 celcius! *slowly adjusts to the cold* and then, by the time we’ve fully adjusted it’s time to change again.

I am however a firm believer that every season can be enjoyable so long as you have an activity. Of course if you shut yourself in and watch the snow accumulate, it’s not going to be fun. Shorter days, colder weather..but you can’t just stop there! Look at all the people who ski and snowboard, they love winter! If those sports are not your thing, there are still plenty more to choose from; cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, sledding, dog sledding, sleigh riding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and so many more that I can’t think of! Just pick one!!

I chose snowshoeing, so today, I’m on a mission to find an affordable pair. I mean lets face it..i’ll only use them a few months a year, they don’t need to be anything fancy! This has proven slightly difficult so far because most pairs I’ve found have been up around the 170$ mark. Ick!! Fingers crossed that I find a good deal somewhere!

Now go, you winter complainers! Find a fun winter activity!! 🙂


Teehee! A hello from Latvia!

So today I got the best postcard of my short Postcrossing ”career”. Check it out!

wpid-img_20150224_175828.jpgHehehehe! Isn’t it great!?  I love it!

Dmitrijs ( interesting name!) is from Riga, Latvia and clearly, he has fantastic postcard taste. I smile every time I look at it 😛 Funny postcards that incorporate cultural elements are the BEST!! 🙂

The promise of spring and exploring

The warmer weather outside today has reminded me that there will be in fact a spring at some point and that has me itching to explore. Oddly enough, however, my usual longing to some far away lands has been replaced with a whole new desire to explore closer to home. No worries, I’m sure the usual travel bug will be back soon enough, but for now I am quite enjoying this new found close-to-home bug!

There is so much to see and so much to do within a driving to our home that I would be the typical crankster not to go out and truly enjoy them!

Here’s a list of 10 not-so-far-away things I would like to do this year:

1- Snowshoeing or hiking in the Kouchibouguac National park .

2- Go walking in a nearby unnamed( as far as I know) bird sanctuary.

3- Apple picking in Annapolis Valley

4- Go canoeing or kayaking

5- Visit the Moncton Zoo

6- Day at the Irving Nature Park in New Brunwick to see the seals and hike.

7- Zip lining in Antigonish

Photo credit: Anchors Above Zipline Adventures

Photo credit: Anchors Above Zipline Adventures

8- Go to Halcon in Halifax

9- White water rafting in Shubenacadie

Photo credit: Shubenacadie River Adventures

Photo credit: Shubenacadie River Adventures

10- Take a day trip to Halifax in the summer, potentially during the buskers festival.

What are some great things to do near you?

An Abundance of Outgoings.

I’ve had quite the busy weekend what with picking up a long shift at work and getting caught up in my outgoing mail. All the swap bot swaps I previously mentioned had partners assigned this weekend and became due for send out so I scrambled a little to get those ready for send out.

Here’s a stuffed envelope going to Arkansas to a very friendly lady who loves pink, sewing and girly things..hence the dress! Her address is in the apron 😛


Next up, a reply to Kerry, my geek pal! I’ve been truly enjoying geeking up my outgoing mail to her! I wont post her current outgoing envelope because I do not want to ruin the surprise, but here is the last one which was a first letter 🙂 Just as well since I forgot to snap a picture of the contents before sealing up the current one!


And finally, fresh off the messy crafting/computer desk is my letter to Lisanne. I put an extra special effort into this one since she has been sending me all kinds of great goodies lately and I felt like it was time to return the fun. Inspired by the wonderful work of Devalayermail, I went for a colour theme and although it didn’t turn out quite as awesome as hers do, I’m pretty darn happy with the results of my first try! I suppose it helps that I just love turquoise too 🙂

wpid-img_20150222_224842.jpgI included a super cute sheet of fox stickers( her favorite animal) and a little ”tea card” with a poem. 🙂 Since she lives in the Netherlands, I have to be mindful of the weight and size of the envelope to avoid an icky surprise at the postage meter. Now I have 2 more letters to write and I will be all caught up! Next time I will be a less of an eager beaver and be careful not to sign up for a bunch of swaps with the same send date, it’s much more enjoyable when you aren’t afraid of missing the deadline 🙂

What sorts of tuck ins to you guys like to include?

I’ve been spoiled!!

After the major snowstorm that we had last weekend, the mail routes were a bit messed up and I honestly don’t think the drivers were even out until today so I was pretty friggin pumped when I was leaving for work and saw the little red flag up on my mailbox!! I think I squealed a little when I opened it and found a good pile of mail! Not only was there 3 pieces of mail for me, but they were fantastic mail!!

Firstly, the prettiest postcard I’ve gotten from Postcrossing yet made it’s way to me all the way from Belarus. Beautiful postcard!


Next, two super stuffed envelopes from two of my favourite pals!

I was thrilled to find a big fat purple envelope with a big ol’ Batman starring up at me from Kerry AKA The geeky Book lady who not only wrote me an awesome 5 page long( !!!) letter front and back, but also included a whole bunch of pretty paper goodies for me to play with!! I can’t wait to use them in some sort of papery shenanigans 😛 Check out the cool comic themed tape she used to deck up the letter too!

Note to self: Suggest a tape sample swap with Kerry!


Look at all this stuff!! And it’s not even everything!!  Ps Kerry: We SO ARE totally cool! XP


Batmaaaan! Duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh BATMAAAANNN!

The great thing about us living so close is that the mail travels FAST. She sent my letter Tuesday, and by today( Thursday) I was reading it 😛 How cool is that?

Next up was a long awaited letter from Lisanne in the Netherlands! She had a particularly busy month so I had to wait longer than usual, but it was worth the wait! She too included a bunch of goodies for me! It was like a party in my mailbox today!


My goodies from Lisanne; some leftover coins from her trip last year, some sort of paper dolly, and a cute little Dutch poem which she translated on the back of the ”Enjoy the day” card.

wpid-img_20150219_221631.jpgIt was killing me a little to have to wait to read the letters unless I wanted to be late for work, but finally got to read them on my break and was thrilled with them! I can’t wait to get started on my replies! I am definitely one lucky girly to have found such great pals that spoil me like this! ^^.

Outgoing Wednesday: Stamps

Although I have not been doing as much writing as I would like lately, I did manage to put together this healthy little pile of outgoing mail. I’ve come to realize that many people who enjoy snail mail, also love the stamps that come on the mail so I’ve been making a special effort lately.

Firstly, I dug out some old stamps I had found ( .49cent queen) and added them to my usable stack, I bought an unused booklet of .49 cent apple  stamps, bought a bunch of low denominations ( 1 to 25 cents) and finally, relieved some of the unusable inventory from work.


See, when the price of stamps goes up, the postal company will take back any of the old stamps left so long as they are still in a sealed bundle. If the bundle has been opened and 20 out of the 30 books have been sold from the bundle, more often that not, the postal outlet is stuck with those 30 booklets in their inventory. We can’t really sell them because most people want the current going rate of stamps, they don’t want to have to use 2 stamps to make up the right cost.

While I’ll never be able to buy up all that old inventory, I can certainly buy some of the cuter ones to make my outgoing mail a little more interesting! 🙂

Which ones do you prefer? I love the ducklings!!