Cherry trees, Chickens and Ducks

February has brought with it snow storms and colder weather, but it has also brought longer days and warmer sunshine and that can only mean one thing for me; Spring fever! Mom called this morning to ask me when I plan to place my order with Halifax Seeds, and we got into chatting about our garden plans for spring. She recently ordered  a bunch of year old cherry tree wisps and she said she would give me a few so I have mentally prepared a spot in the field for them. I am dying to see beautiful pink cherry blossoms in out my window!

I’ve also wanted chickens for quite a while now and we’ve decided that this spring seems to be the right time for us get a few. I’m still undecided on the breed and age I want. However, while researching chickens, I revisited my desire to get a couple of ducks to help control the slug population on this land. Besides the fact that they eat slugs, and that as a kid we had a flock of them that pooped up the pond, I don’t know all that much about ducks so I did a little research and found out that there are a lot of different breeds of ducks!

I mean, check out this handsome buddy!!He’s a Crested Duck!

 I borrowed the picture from, the site where I am currently getting all my info from. I love this guys little ”hat”! The Welsh Harlequin is really nice too and if we got a Harlequin then I could name her Harley Quinn!( That moment when Geeking and Homesteading collide.. :P)

I still have a lot of research to do, but I can almost already see my little flock on pest control duty in the orchard!! I’m so excited!!


9 thoughts on “Cherry trees, Chickens and Ducks

    • Shannon says:

      From what I was reading, ducks are actually much quieter than chickens and are a good alternative for people who don,t want to disturb the neighbours! My neighbours have 5 screaming children on a trampoline they better deal with my chickens!!:P I also read that domestic ducks don’t actually need THAT much water. I was concerned by not having a pond, but apparently a little kiddy pool with fresh water is quite enough 🙂

  1. Trieneke says:

    Hi Shannon, since we moved houses last year, we have a much bigger garden. We adopted the two chickens and rooster and a cat the former owner had left behind. And we also have 3 Indian running ducks and a rabbit since last spring. But our ducks are not quieter than our chickens though, they do can make some noice 🙂 The ones we have are white and I think two females and a male. We got them when they were little. They are so funny, when you see them walking around, they always stick together. We made a little pool for them. They don’t need much, just see there’s always enough water around, so they can keep there snout and eyes clean. They like mud 🙂 When they were little we kept them separated from the chickens, but now they’re one happy family. Hope to see a picture of your ducks soon 🙂

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Trieneke!
      aw nice! Are your indian runners actual runner? i mean, like a fast bird? 😛 I know they make noise, but they do not crow in the morning like a rooster for example. The ducks my parents had when I was a kid used to walk by their house in a quiet little hum of ‘qwirk,qwirk,qwirk, qwaaak, qwirk, qwirk” hehe, it was so cute.

      • Trieneke says:

        Hi Shannon, Yes our duck are runner ducks, they can be fast, but they are actually rather lazy 🙂 They seem to blend with our chickens. Funny, but our rooster is the most quiet one, you almost never here him:-)
        I Like the breed of ducks your planning on having; they look funny 🙂

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