Places I have enjoyed visiting

I have recently discovered a wonderful place on the internet to unleash my inner geek called International Geek Girls Pen pal’s pretty much as dorky as it sounds..a bunch of geeks that love snail mail, paper and stickers…I’ve never quite fit in somewhere this well!!

Anyways, my age group has a challenge going on this month which is 20 days of lists that we make and share. Now, not every list topic will inspire a blog post, but I love this topic, so without further ado, I’d like to share some of the places I have enjoyed visiting and why.

PS: I will keep it to just a few to avoid posting a book 🙂

1-  Ireland. Ireland holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I took my first steps of independence and when I first really went for something I wanted. I had never been outside of Canada when I turned 18, in fact, I had only ever been outside my own province once, but I was dying to travel. My friend gave me a guidebook to Ireland on my 18th birthday in January and I spent a good chunk of the year planning my imaginary trip while trying to find a travel pal. Finally, my mom ( who still kind of thought this was another kick that would fade) came with me to the travel agent just to check out prices and such and just like that, I booked my solo trip for September!

I cried when the train taking me to Ottawa pulled away and I watched my parents wave at me with fear and pride all over their faces. I slept like a log on the plane and let an old Irish man reassure me when I woke up in panic to turbulence. I first experienced that first breath of cool crisp morning air in a new country. I experience currency exchanged confusion, kind hearted strangers, the intense feeling of dread when you think you are lost at night in a foreign country, the relief of a warm bowl of soup and a comfy bed after a crazy day. I learned to befriend strangers and enjoy a drink in a pub surrounded by new faces, stepping out into the wrong side of traffic, the sheer excitement of turning a corner and finding an ancient stone gateway that looks totally out of place, the rush of seeing my first real castle and the pride of doing all this on my own. I realized that I loved the peacefulness of a solo trip and that there is no feeling quite like exploring a strange and beautiful new country and I learned that travel was SO for me!


2- Chicago: My first con. Need I say more? Yes..Where I saw Stan Lee, met Nathalia Tena, bumped into Chandler Riggs and wore my very first self made dress! 🙂
1601014_10152009011706372_3004616567813647035_n 10346052_10152014215126372_5503270111618439213_n

3-Wales: Because it’s so friggin’ pretty!!! And because we got chastised for standing on the grassy hills of an old amphitheater and ran away and discovered more beautiful country side and stone walls. I even got to get close and personal with those stone walls I love so much by climbing over one, up one and sitting on one for a while 🙂


4- Belgium: For the many beautiful town centers, the old streets, the cobblestone, the chocolate, the beer, the shops, the language, the history, but mostly, because it’s where I found the love of my life, and a whole new family to call my own! I could not be more grateful to have found such a sweet man who loves me, makes me laugh, tucks me in at night, makes me soup when I’m sick, pushes me into the snow when we are shoveling and I’m being a brat, and who is both the best friend and husband I could ever ask for<3 And I think I am pretty darn lucky to have gotten the family that comes along with him! 🙂
10433844_10152302531091372_951048529700808450_n 10450796_10203750736263587_4876687286592208988_n


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