A very happy mailbox!!

After quite the dry spell in January for my mailbox, February has been fantastic! Despite the few storm days that incapacitated the mail service, I have received a stunning amount of great mail!

Firstly, I got my first letter from the wonderful Kerry with whom I share a province and a love of geekery! I’d been anxiously awaiting her letter since January when we first got in touch ( thanks wordpress!). I squealed when I opened my mailbox and found her letter filled with a bunch of loot!


A couple of days later I found not one, not two, but three letters in my mailbox ( and trust me, I check the mail every day!). Once again…I squealed a bit!


These letters were from Paloma who lives in San Francisco ( check out the cool stamps!!), Vanessa, my first penpal since I got back into it in July, and Christa, my mother in law who lives in Belgium. I wanted to send her one letter, card, package or note a month this year. She sometimes gets lonely and misses her ”little boy” so I thought it would be nice to show her that we think about her all the time and that she will always be very much a part of our lives even if we live so far away. Along with her response letter, she sent me a pretty little handmade bookmark which I intend to use later when I crawl into bed with my new book!

I’ve also gotten a couple of postcards from post crossing as well as a booklet of vintage stamps I ordered online! Can’t wait for the rest of my orders to come in (I love ebay)!!

And so, on that note, I am off to do just that! Curl up in bed with my new book, Love, Rosie. While at the bookstore today I realized I fell way out of the loop of books I MUST see before movies are released so Hop!hop! Goodnight! 🙂


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