Blizzard adventures

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the sight and sound of snow flying by my window at high speeds. This was the second blizzard since the start of February, and although I knew it was coming, I was still shocked by how fast the weather in the maritimes can turn; Just the day before I had been out in a beautiful and mild sunny day!

Anyways, neither Ama nor I needed to be anywhere, so it was a good day to curl up and keep warm. Ama ventured out to the shed at one point and pretty much disappeared from sight 5 steps away from the house. Big dog quickly ditched him to come back in, and even Little dog, who normally has a field day in the snow, was anxious to come back in.

Around 5 pm, our power flickered and then went off. Gah!! I went into survival mode. Since we heat with oil and wood and both furnaces need power to heat the house, we migrated toward the living room, the warmest space in the house. We nailed a big blanket over the door to keep the warmth in, lit some candles, pushed the couches together and piled some blankets onto them and then brought in the doggy bed. Normally the dogs are not aloud in the living room, but if the power was going to be out all night( which we suspected it would be), we could use the heat that their little furnace bodies give off and deal with the ”Tostitoe toe smell” that goes with it. I don’t know why, but our dogs always give off a funny tostitoe smell when they snuggle together and get really warm, it’s kind of funny actually!

Unfortunately, the candlelight was not quite bright enough for me to be able to write with and the flickering was making me super drowsy, so by 6:30 I was a whiny brat that was ready to sleep. We had already had super ( thank goodness for Coleman camper stoves!) and I didn’t want to use up all the battery life on my tablet ”Just in case!” so I saw no other option but to be a brat for a while until Ama convinced me that I’d have plenty of battery life on the tablet to do some reading until a more appropriate bedtime. So I did. It actually turned out to be pretty fun to camp out in the living room. We managed to get a pretty decent nights sleep despite an excited kitten pouncing on me every time I moved, a snoring big dog, and a ninja little dog that kept sneaking up onto the couches with us.

By morning, the temperature had only dropped to around 6 degrees Celsius in the living room and about 2 in the rest of the house. We made a little fire in the furnace, just hot enough to cook up some breakfast.


Mhh! Eggs, beans and bacon!

Finally, at around noon, while I was hibernating on the couch, starting to feel chilly and just wanting the wind to go away, the power came back on bringing with it our precious heat source, coffee machine and -I hate to admit it- Internet.

All in all, it was a pretty fun experience, we were not as prepared as we could have been, but we handled it all pretty well, had full tummies and kept fairly warm so I think we did ok.

Here’s the result of the storm once the wind died down a bit:

10999105_10152592628171372_7052808202426602961_nYup, that’s my husband standing on the snow that has piled in the middle of the driveway, it’s higher than the snow blower!!


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