Outgoing Wednesday: Stamps

Although I have not been doing as much writing as I would like lately, I did manage to put together this healthy little pile of outgoing mail. I’ve come to realize that many people who enjoy snail mail, also love the stamps that come on the mail so I’ve been making a special effort lately.

Firstly, I dug out some old stamps I had found ( .49cent queen) and added them to my usable stack, I bought an unused booklet of .49 cent apple Β stamps, bought a bunch of low denominations ( 1 to 25 cents) and finally, relieved some of the unusable inventory from work.


See, when the price of stamps goes up, the postal company will take back any of the old stamps left so long as they are still in a sealed bundle. If the bundle has been opened and 20 out of the 30 books have been sold from the bundle, more often that not, the postal outlet is stuck with those 30 booklets in their inventory. We can’t really sell them because most people want the current going rate of stamps, they don’t want to have to use 2 stamps to make up the right cost.

While I’ll never be able to buy up all that old inventory, I can certainly buy some of the cuter ones to make my outgoing mail a little more interesting! πŸ™‚

Which ones do you prefer? I love the ducklings!!


6 thoughts on “Outgoing Wednesday: Stamps

  1. dear detective says:

    the ducklings are cute but I like the little critter on the bike, and the red one with the pine needles… can’t quite make out what it is, but I like it! you are now my only Canadian post friend so these are all pretty new to me!

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