Swap mail-call !!


You know those days when you go to the mailbox and you have 3 envelopes addressed to you? And then you open them and they are filled to the brim with goodies?? Yea? That was me today!! 😀 I recently participated in 2 private swaps with Mrs Sarah C and today both swaps from her arrived!! First up, a used postage stamp swap! I don’t actively collect postage stamps, I like to see pretty ones and take notice of them, but I think she does and when she suggested the swap I thought why not? I sent her some of the prettiest ones I was able to salvage from my postcrossing postcards and she sent me these :

wpid-img_20150304_121727.jpgCheck out Batman!

In the next swap, which was a swap based on profile likes, she sent me this loot; several whimsical postcards, some stickers, a few washi tape samples, a vintage postcard, an old page from a childrens book, some stationery, as well as some hello kitty stuff( I don’t actually like hello kitty, but I never mentioned that in my profile so she didn’t know..anyway, I can pass these on to someone else :P) and some sort of key and wheel charms that will probably make nice mail art decor! The only downside to this great package is that I feel badly about the one I sent 😦 As I’ve never done a profile based swap before, it was pretty hard to think of things to send ..I’d never thought to pages from books or random papery things like she did. I think I may have read a bit less between the lines than she but then again I’m new at this. I hope she likes it anyway! 🙂



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