Life, treasures and rambles

Dear Blog,

I’ve been a little sporadic with you a bit lately and I’m sorry about that, it’s just that Life has been happening. The sun has been out a lot more lately and warm too! Nothing better than a bright sunny, warm or cool day( I dislike extreme heat even more than I dislike extreme cold!).

At some point last week, my first batch of seeds came in from Halifax Seeds so I went out and bought a bag of soil and started a batch of sweet peppers. I have to rein myself back from planting a whole whack of seedlings like I’ve done in the past and end up confused as to what everything is, overwhelmed and with far too many little plants, far too soon to put them out. This year I am pacing myself, keeping track of planting dates on the calender and Oh so excited to see my little ”Groots” sprout!! ^^

Then, over the weekend, the Mister and I went up to the attic. It was an emotional ascent for me. I’d never been up there because I’m too short to hoist my butt from the top step of the stepladder up into the attic. Until the weekend, I had always contented myself with peering over the edge at all the possibilities, so when I got past my ”comfort height” on the big ladder, I was a hot mess of panicky semi-hyperventilation and awkwardness, but it all worked out and I safely got up there. It was like a horribly dusty snail mail lovers field day. For some reason, the previous, previous, previous owners ( probably the builder actually) of our house had left a huge stack of mail up there. So old that many of the envelopes are  stamped with 1 cent stamps! Most of the mail is business mail, mail orders and such dating back as far as 1907 !! I am not done pawing through every single piece of mail yet, my sinuses needed a break, but I am excited to see what else I might find in the pile!

Some of the mail is pretty mangled, but I’ve found some pretty intact stuff folded away safely!


Some of the mail is pretty mangled, but I've found some pretty intact stuff folded away safely!

Some of the mail is pretty mangled, but I’ve found some pretty intact stuff folded away safely!

Mister also found an old desk that I instantly got way too excited about and has now replaced the one I was using ( We moved that one up to the end of the upstairs hall, facing the’s a pretty cozy spot to read a book or write a letter 😛 )It needed a good washdown and to be reassembled(legs were off) but now it looks pretty great!  Aside from the desk, he also brought down 3 pairs of (most likely) antique wooden skis with leather bindings, an old headboard and an age old little box of ”bed wetting remedy” Eek!:S


Dirty but full of stories and potential!

Dirty but full of stories and potential!

This finished product! <3 It could use a bit more sanding down, but I'm so pleased with it!!

This finished product! Yes, I use an old chocolate box as a pencil case ^^

On Saturday(I think) I sat down and did my own taxes for the very first time. It was a big bunch of confusion at first, but I think it all worked out and I’m glad we did not waste all that money on getting an accountant to do it! We have had the worst luck finding an accountant to do our taxes in this province. They have all been triple what I paid my accountant in Quebec for a fraction of the good service! So why waste the money on paying for something I won’t be happy with when I can just do it myself and learn a new skill in the process? 😛

And finally, today I picked up a journal which I will spend the rest of the evening turning into a Snail Mail journal. Yup. You read that right, because I’m not dork enough about snail mailing, I also have to make a scrapbooky/journal about it 😛  I plan to use it as a place to Store and Display my incoming mail instead of cramming it all into a giant envelope. This way it will be much easier to find what I’m looking for, not to mention a much nicer way to appreciate the wonderful stuff people send me! 🙂

Well, I think that’s pretty much all the news and rambles I have for today,

Have a great day!



PS: Little cat has taken up Parcours Fly Chasing. -.-


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