I dream of lakefront cottages

Yesterday was, unlike today, a beautiful sunny day, perfect for the snowshoeing journey I had planned with my folks. I arrived at my mom & dads shortly after 10:30 armed with a pair of snowshoes and a doggy backpack for little dog, which we filled with a picnic.


The weather was just right, not so cold that we needed several layers under our winter gear, not so hot that we would sweat in our coats and boots. We headed out at about 11 with the 5 dogs in tow, over the railroad and down into the valley, over frozen streams and through a field of small trees. The snow was pretty hard so the dogs were mostly able to walk on it without sinking and little dog decided that being the food carrier entitled her to be a little ass as she galloped about barking at and taunting the other dogs. I’m not ashamed to say I laughed when she suddenly sunk mid running bark and fell face first. I think it took her down a few pegs because after that she explored quietly.

The forest was especially beautiful with lots of uneven terrain to challenge us and when finally we came down the last steep hill, we were out on the open ice of the wide stream that feeds the lake.

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We set up a little resting spot on the opposite bank where the sun was shining and wrestled little dog who had decided to roll and got stuck on her back like a furry little turtle, thanks to the side pouches of her bag. As we sat there enjoying the sun and our sandwiches, Wally, my parents big white Boxer started to stare into the woods and huff and puff.  I played it cool, but the whole time my eyes darted about the woods and all I could think was ”Grounders!!” (Reference to The 100 ).

The lake was beautiful, and only 2 cottages sit on the other side, facing the lake. Dad told me he is looking into buying the tiny parcel of land that separates their land from the lake and he could then build a tiny cottage atop the hill. I can already see it in my mind!! A tiny cottage in a little clearing overlooking the lake with little stairs built into the hillside. At the bottom there would be a small dock with a rowboat tied to it. We could hike out on weekends and canoe around the lake all day, the dogs could swim, the kids could swim, I could swim if the bottom wasn’t icky, and in the evening we could make a nice little campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows and light a little string of colourful solar lights around the porch! In the winter we could certainly clear a spot on the shallow frozen stream for skating and we could go sliding down the big hill onto the thick ice! It is such a peaceful spot!!


The walk back was a bit harder and by the end of it I was ready for a serious nap which happened about 2.5 minutes after I climbed out of my snowsuit. The Mister met us after work and we spent the rest of the evening in front of the fire and after a good supper with homemade bread,  it was time to go home. I had a full tummy, a suntanned face and was ready for bed.

Now that’s my kind of Saturday!


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