Incoming Detective Mail!

I recently got slightly overwhelmed when all my penpals letter began coming in at once ( I always want to reply promptly) and swaps all became due at once. I decided that, the last thing I want is for a hobby I enjoy so much to become stressful, so I took a tiny step back. I didn’t join any more swaps or participate in any other mailing fun until I got caught up on the current mail I had. As a result, my mailbox had a lonely week.

I did however have a fun and unexpected surprise early last week when I pulled out a very interestingly decorated envelope. It didn’t have familiar writing or a familiar style, so I was confused at first, but quickly found the From: address and realized it was from Allison over on Dear Detective ! It was so exciting! She included a very nice little letter with extra bits and pieces all bundled together with a dainty little bakers twine.

The mail art on the front is really  interesting and I can’t help wonder every so often; What the heck are they looking at?


The back has a lot of address, so I’m not posting that, however, I really liked how she incorporate her address subtly as you can see in most of the uploaded mail she posts. I love that the stamps were on this side of the envelope while the address was on the other. Canada post would never let me get away with that!! I am very excited for her to receive my reply, her mail art inspired me to go a little crazy with mine and I hope she loves it!! I will post pictures of it once she receives it 🙂

Anything fun in your mailbox lately?


3 thoughts on “Incoming Detective Mail!

  1. dear detective says:

    😀 i’m so so glad you enjoyed it and that it took you by surprise! i still can’t believe i deleted the photos of this one on accident…. if you think of it, send me a photo of the back sometime and i’ll edit the addresses out. thank you so much for the wonderful post – i can’t wait to see what you made!!!!!!!

    • Shannon says:

      Haha I usually take pictures of everything too but sometimes I goof and forget, or seal it up before I get a chance to take the right pictures 😛 I’ll try to send it right now, as long as my tablet is ok with it this time 😛

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