Snow day craftings

When the weather is so bad you can’t even shovel the driveway, the perfect way to pass time is to read, or craft. I chose the latter today and here are some of the results;

Firstly, I rummaged through an old National Geographics I’d bought at a thrift store and collected quite a few cute, interesting and powerful images. I used this one of a milkman in the London streets during WWII and collaged it onto one of my larger sized envelopes and added a few messy lines around the contour. It was simple, easy, and looks great. It may be one of those crafts I end up stashing away forever.

Powerful image collaged onto an envelope.

Powerful image collaged onto an envelope.

Next up, I made a handful of envelopes from a variety of things.


Left column: 2 envelopes made from maps of China and one made from really cool scrapbook paper. Right column: Reversible envelope made from doubled up vintage wrapping paper and a square type envelope made from a Toyota advertisement page in National Geographics.

I finished working on what was originally meant to be a simple doodle but that actually turned out quite nicely.


And finally, using the leftover scraps of scrapbook paper, I made a handful of mailing tags/ gift labels. I more or less laminated one side with wide clear tape to make them somewhat more resistant to tearing and water damage. I scribbled some rough edging around them to give them more of a finished looked instead of just cut paper and I’m really pretty happy with the final result. With a bit of practice and a clean working space I might consider popping a few of them onto Etsy just to see! 🙂

Do you have an Esty page? I’d love to see what some of my followers and bloggy friends have up for sale, so consider my comment section as a little advertisement spot for your Etsy pages! 🙂


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