A little book of spring for Portland

Sometime last week, when the mail service managed to get up and running again after the storms, I received a Letter and Tea swap from a fellow swapper named Jen in Oregon. We actually have quite a bit in common which seems to be a rare thing for me in swaps, so I was pretty excited to reply. In fact, I tried to write a reply about 3 times before giving up for a while. For some reason, none of the letters I wrote seemed right, which for me, usually means that it’s time to pull out the paper craft supplies.

I folded together a few printer sheets and used a nice springy daisy tape for the ”binding” of the mini booklet which then became the base for my letter. The letter itself was just a regular letter, with nothing very spectacular, though I added a packet of orange tea and a little headline clipping for a local paper on the back page.


The envelope started out as just a clipping of one of my favourite kinds of flowers, again for a spring look, but then I just started playing around with some lines all around, almost in a zentangle style ( but not quite) and soon enough I had this :


I’m really pleased with how it turned out! The blurred out address looks a bit funny, but if you can manage to not focus on it the way I am right now, I think it makes for a pretty cool looking envelope!!

Now to clean up the mess I’ve created while looking for the right pieces for this letter!!


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