Japanese mystery mail!

When I went out to my mailbox this afternoon, I had a double surprise! Firstly, my mail driver was actually able to drive over a big chunk of ice that was piled in front of my mailbox, and secondly, I had a a mysterious brown craft paper envelope in there waiting for me, with no apparent return address. It was covered in several really cool looking stamps that indicated it was from Japan.


I love the crown, it’s actually really shiny and I think it depicts a constellation!! Which one do you prefer?

When I opened it, I found this. Still not a very clear indication of what it was or where it was from!


Finally when I unwrapped the contents ( Apple tea, a Sapporo city brochure map and a 5 yen coin) I found a little note from Yurie, my swap bot ”ISS: I wish for” swap partner. Mystery solved! Apparently it wasn’t mystery mail after all 🙂 I’m excited to check out the city brochure, although I don’t have any nearby plans to visit Japan, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with the brochure when I’m done reading it! Yurie also says that the 5 Yen coin means/symbolizes ” Good Encounters” and is often used as donations in temples in hopes that it will bring the donor chance encounters that may bring them luck! Interesting!


Have you ever gotten mystery mail (Or mystery mail that’s not really that mysterious after all, like me :p)


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