Re: A call for swappers!

Earlier this week I made a post with the same title, minus the Re: mentioning a swap I had just put together over on Swap Bot. I’ve deleted that post now to avoid any confusion, so here is the updated version.

I am hosting an International swap over on Swap Bot called Tour package swap- Travel . The idea behind the swap is to create a tour package for your swap partner. A tour package would typically include stuff like an itinerary, postcards, maps, tickets, brochures etc.

I thought this would be first of all a fun craft to put together, and secondly a wonderful way to discover a town, city or area that you may never have heard of. When I worked in tourism, my favourite part of the job was building an itinerary and putting together a little package of info to send people on their way with, although I didn’t have the luxury of doodling and washi taping the heck out of it 😛

Anyway, the sign up deadline is April 4th and then the final shipping date will be 10 days later, on April 14th, leaving plenty of time to put together something awesome. I would love to see some fellow bloggers on the swap! For those of you who are not Swap Botters, but would like to start, I’ve allowed swappers who have not yet been rated, so long as they have a well filled out profile, so go on over and create and account 🙂

Hope to see you there!


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