Superheros for the Netherlands


I hosted a Superhero decorated Envelope swap & a letter a little while ago on Swap bot and here is my letter, making its happy Ol’ way over to the Netherlands. My 4$ purchase for a pack of glitter glue sticks was so worth it! I’ve been using those bad boys on nearly everything lately!


Goodbye Mr. Buns :(

Today, I am saddened to announce that my little Mr. Bunny, Hobbs passed away sometime in the early hours of morning. I have no idea what happened, he did not appear unwell, in fact everything seemed normal. I beat myself up at first, wondering if I could not have prevented it somehow, but after reading many websites about it, I realized that sometimes, it just happens. Bunnies are delicate little animals, and oftentimes, even when you do realize something is wrong and seek veterinary assistance, there is little that can be done that will save your bunny.

What really breaks my heart is how cute his little face still looked, with his long white whiskers pointing out everywhere:( And the fact that Ama spent a good part of the day outside, building the outdoor runs we had talked about for the bunnies. The divider had not yet been put up, so I guess his sister will just have an even bigger space to run around in once it’s complete. How sad that he never got a chance to be outside again 😦

Rest in peace my sweet little Mr. Bunns 😦

May you hop and kick up your heels freely in a happy bunny place!


”Plain” letters.

I received a ”plain” letter from one of my good pals yesterday, in which she apologized for not sprucing up her letter, and by that I mean, she sent it in a bright pink envelope with a frilly written address and some hand drawn flowers,  as well as a nice four page letter on pretty salmon coloured notepaper. It was a wonderful letter than I happily ripped open and enjoyed reading while I walked back to the house and continued to read after I’d plopped down into the couch. It was the kind of letter friends send. News, updates, with little funny bits and talks of her plans for the next few days. I thought it was pretty great and, why she apologized, is because she normally sends me these big whacky geeked out envelopes with lots of cool stickers and stuff, and apparently, pals have gotten annoyed in the past with a more plain letter.

Isn’t that a little extreme? I mean, I love a decorated letter as much as anyone else, and I enjoy decorating them as much as anyone else, but doesn’t the whole idea of writing to someone lie in the words? Isn’t having a penpal all about making a friend? We all have our days where a glue stick, scissors and sparkles are our best friends and we want to bedazzle the bejeezus out of our pals, but lets not forget about the words! I’m not saying jotting down half a page on a crinkled piece of paper and calling it a day, I’m talking about a nice long letter that is actually saying something!

I always try to write a nice letter, but I also sometimes get caught up in decking it out. Maybe from time to time, I’ll let go of my death grip on my glue stick and set down the sparkles and concentrate all my efforts wholeheartedly on the connection.

I guess the moral of the story(although it may be hard to find due to my rambles), is that in a time when snail mail is all over the place on pinterest, wordpress, and instagram, with each piece being more beautiful then the next, maybe, just maybe, we should keep our expectations in check and remember that the initial idea behind a penpal is to have a pal to write to.

What do you think? Do you ever find yourself getting a little caught up in the glitzting and glamming of your letters? Or have you found yourself getting annoyed when someone doesn’t spruce up their letter?

Incoming: Cornflowers and a postcard

Just last week, I received a postcard from Mama Belgium, and then this week, just a matter of day later, we received a nice letter from her with a couple of packets of seeds to plant around the house 🙂

wpid-wp-1429715542538.jpegIt’s the second time she sends me poppies (from flanders, so extra special!), but a first for cornflowers! I am not familiar with them actually, so I’m quite excited to plant them! In fact, I’m really excited to start seeing those dutch tulips she gave me back in the fall start to sprout!! Hopefully the harsh winter we had did not damage them!

I also received a lovely vintage postcard from a fellow Canadian over on swap bot, we did an old postcard swap, and she chose this one. I had no idea postcards used to have wavy sides like that, how pretty! I’ve really been enjoying swapping with Canadians, the 2.50 stamps really add up for international and honestly, unless it’s a great swap, I’d rather keep my 2.50 stamps for my penpals! The Canadian community has been very friendly so far and we seem to be a tight group so we often encounter the same people in different swaps. It’s really nice!

Anyway, that’s all for Tuesdays mailbox opening, let’s see what today brings! 😛

Outgoing to Eugenia

One of my favourite things ever is sitting down with a few choice items and crafting up a lovely letter. I don’t always have the time, motivation or creativity necessary to do this, and sometimes I just feel like writing, but when I do get around to sitting back and crafting up a beautiful letter, I am so pleased and even, quite relaxed!

wpid-point-blur_apr222015_120449.jpg.jpegFor this letter to my pal Eugenia, I chose some of my newest washi tapes, which I got 75% off during the closing sales of Target, here in Canada. I like how the two tapes look together, so fun and summery! Along with my four pages of rambles, I included a little card with a list of songs I’ve been enjoying lately and a postcard I picked up over the weekend at a museum in Halifax. It takes nearly a month for our letters to travel to one another, so I wanted to get as much as I could in there for her without going over the 1 stamp weight limit. I’m quite happy with it and I hope she enjoys receiving it! 🙂

Incoming: Gent, from Mama Belgium

Today I suspiciously watched a pink jeep pull up to my mailbox( I’ve been on the lookout for Hooligans ever since they spray painting incident 😛 ) and drop off a postcard and some spam.

It was a nice little surprise postcard from Mama Belgium who sent it from Gent while waiting for a train. Nawww ❤ Nothing makes me feel more special than a random send like that, she was just sitting there and thought of us (Well, Ama is her son, so I guess she thinks of him/us often, but still! ). I was pretty happy to get a Gent card too, Gent is where it all started for us, in fact, one of the multiviews is actually a shot from the bridge where we met!! ❤ .

wpid-wp-1429196288399.jpegAnyway, it made me smile for sure, but also has left me craving a nice little walk around Gent on a sunny day with an ice cream. *sigh*

As the quote goes;

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” – Miriam Adeney

My first ATC

Ever since I got back into snail mailing nearly a year ago, I’ve been hearing the term ”ATC” being thrown about without really knowing what it meant. It wasn’t until recently that I bothered to look in up. What I found was that basically, an ATC is a 2.5” by 3.5” piece of art that you trade with others ( Artist trading card). I was fairly into the idea of small art ( it’s fun but it’s not so big that your motivation or inspiration has time to dwindle away!) and gave it a go on a postcard sized piece. Today however, I decided to finally give an ATC a go, I had already cut a bunch of card stock for it so why not?

Here it is!

wpid-img_20150416_102826.jpgIt took me a few minutes of staring at the tiny blank card feeling stumped before I could see what I wanted to do on it, but I think it turned out quite well in the end! I am actually really happy with it 🙂 This ATC thing is really fun!! Now I think I might just have to do a gnome themed one for Sincerely Kates mail art contest as it combines 2 things I really like; Gnomes and Contests! Actually 3 things..because now I really really like ATCs too! 🙂