Snail Mail confusion!!

I never though it would come to this, but how do you guys sort your mail? Do you have a need for incoming/outgoing/gone categorizing? I really don’t have that many pals and I feel like I keep pretty good track of them, but apparently I don’t! I received a message earlier on Interpals informing me that my second ” first letter” had just arrived. Now, unless this is a confusion on her end, I have NO idea how this came about.

I clearly remember and decorating the one first letter for her, sending it, and then sending her a message that it was in the mail. All this happened around March 2nd. But now, she just received another with is post dated March 20th. I have no idea what it could be! Did I accidentally send her someone elses letter?( I doubt it, because she has a very unique address, I think I would have realized!). The only thing I can think of would be that I may have written a first draft or decorated a first envelope, not been entirely satisfied and set it aside meaning to get rid of it, but instead ended up sending it.

Whatever I did, talk about a bad first impression! Poor girl must have been so confused ( and disappointed when she realized it was not a quick reply but in fact a stupid resend of some sort). Unfortunately this is around the same time I could not remember for sure if I had replied to another pal. I think I need to stay away from my letter when things at work are hectic! It’s too confusing( apparently!)

I know a lot of people out there have far more penpals, swaps and correspondence going on than I do, how do you guys keep track properly?


17 thoughts on “Snail Mail confusion!!

  1. Sincerely Kate says:

    I think if I were in your situation, I would have assumed she got me mixed up with another pen pal with a similar name. Regardless! Once I respond to a letter, it goes in a binder (chronological order). Letters I have yet to respond to are kept by things like my address book and stamp stash.

      • Shannon says:

        lol, well maybe, but until I know for sure, I’m gonna assume it’s me! What really confuses me though is what the heck could I have sent her the second time!? XP

      • Shannon says:

        She sent me the photos, and as I thought, it really was me and it was a first draft and then a ”proper” letter! I guess I was so excited to send it that I decided to send the first one anyways and then forgot I had and sent another! I almost always write two, one with all my excited rambles and then a second where I get it together a bit and clean things up.

      • Shannon says:

        I could see in the letter that I was talking about how crazy work was at that time, so hopefully she’s understanding of my mess up! 🙂 Hey, better 2 letters than none! 😛 Can’t believe I just wasted a stamp like that though -.-

  2. petite28 says:

    I have many pen pals. The best way to keep track of mail is by doing the following…
    Photograph each incoming and outgoing letter.
    Use a letter holder to hold all unanswered mail/ letters to post.
    As soon as a letter has been replied to, file that letter away. I have a filing system for mine.

    • A. I. Sajib says:

      I never had a pen pal! I grew up reading books and essays about having pen pals, but that was the time internet and email was taking over letters, at least in my country. I wonder how it feels to have handwritten letter from friends!

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks for the reply! This is pretty much what I’ve been doing actually, unanswered sits on my desk, replied goes into a large envelope with other replied to letters( my sloppy filing 😛 ) I will have to start photographing the mail a bit more seriously though I think!

  3. marinegirl1 says:

    I don’t have that many penpals, but I started a little notebook where I note down my sent and received letters. Its just a small table for each where I note down the name /country and when the letter was received or send. Its a good way for me to check when I send a letter and as I have a two penpals where the letters take a long time to reach it helps me to decide at which point to assume the letter might have been lost. Otherwise I collect all my incoming letters in a box sorted by the different penpal.

    • Shannon says:

      That’s a good way! I’ve tried that, however, I’m not great at keeping agendas or journals, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be too good with this either. I thought my desk/stash was a pretty decent system because I thought I was keeping up with it..maybe I’ll have to give the writing it down a go!

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