Friday morning I caught a glimpse of blue at my mailbox which is about 100m from our house, so I got excited and threw on my coat and boots and headed out in the rain to see what was in the mail. From the distance I was at, it looked something like the blue bags our flyers come in, but since we had already gotten those, I thought maybe some fun mail in a bag?

Anyway, as I got closer it started to look like said bag was over the mailbox. Strange, I thought! Then, I realized it wasn’t a bag over the mailbox at all, it was spray paint! Someone decided to spray paint a messy splotch of blue across the flag, part of the side and a bit of the door of the mailbox.

I can only assume it was some hooligan kids up the street who thought it would be funny, as we did have a small run in a while back ( like over a year) with one particular neighbor who has a bunch of hooligan kids and unruly dogs. I’ve been expecting some sort of retort on the kids part ever since, but my mailbox? How dare they!! Actually, it could very well be someone else too, but whoever it is, they chose my soft spot! It’s like they knew about my love of mail!!

Anyway, I’ve decided that when the weather dries a bit, I’m going to get some bright pink spray paint and add to the blue. Won’t that be pretty? Blue with pink speckles around it and some pretty little stenciled flowers or something!

Have you ever had an issue like this before?


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