Superhero decorates envies! ( Swap)

Hello, hello!

I have not been overly active here lately, but that is partially due to the beautiful, beautiful weather lately!! The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and a lake is forming in my front yard ^^  I’ve also been busy over on swap bot where I have created a Canadian group and am having fun hosting quick swaps with fellow Canadians and making some mail loving buddies in the same breath.

I did however create a new international swap that I’m loving the ideas of! Super hero decorated envelope & a letter . Bam! Right there! 🙂 combining snail mail, fandom and crafts. So if anybody is interested in that ( I’m looking at your Kerry ;P ) don’t hesitate to sign up!

The more the merrier!:)


8 thoughts on “Superhero decorates envies! ( Swap)

    • Shannon says:

      Oh really? Like what? I’ve never heard anything bad, but I was pretty annoyed with it when I first signed up, it was next to impossible to get into any swaps because of required ratings.

      • Sincerely Kate says:

        For the most part it has been a lot of people saying “Well, it’s better to give than receive, right?” because what they received was poorly executed, like scraps of paper someone “could use” to make envelopes instead of actual handmade envelopes like what the swap was for. The other stories just involve people who are incredibly rude, like someone saying she will give a 1 rating despite how good the contents are if someone from the US uses the round stamps.

      • Shannon says:

        Oh wow ! I haven’t seen any of that yet, I think they may have tightened the reins on that kind of things. From what I have seen, as long as your swap meets the criteria and sent on time, you cannot be rated down without consequences. You also can’t send crap that doesn’t meet swap requirements without getting rated down. I think that’s why it was so hard to get started for me, nobody wants to swap with someone with no ratings or with any kind of bad ratings.

      • Shannon says:

        I think the weirdest/ ”worst” ( really not bad at all) swap I’ve received was the Japanese mail I posted recently which had a random map in it 😛 But the map was just an extra, the other things she sent fit the swap requirements and I was happy with them.

      • Shannon says:

        Me again 🙂 As for the circle stamp, if it was a stamp collector swap and it was part of the swap criteria that it should be special stamps, then it makes sense. You can set whatever swap rules you want on your own swap. As weird as it sounds to us, to a used stamp collector it’s probably pretty cool 😛 … Now I need to knock on wood that all my uptalking swapbot doesn’t bite me on the ass with a bad swap!! XP

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