Outgoing to Eugenia

One of my favourite things ever is sitting down with a few choice items and crafting up a lovely letter. I don’t always have the time, motivation or creativity necessary to do this, and sometimes I just feel like writing, but when I do get around to sitting back and crafting up a beautiful letter, I am so pleased and even, quite relaxed!

wpid-point-blur_apr222015_120449.jpg.jpegFor this letter to my pal Eugenia, I chose some of my newest washi tapes, which I got 75% off during the closing sales of Target, here in Canada. I like how the two tapes look together, so fun and summery! Along with my four pages of rambles, I included a little card with a list of songs I’ve been enjoying lately and a postcard I picked up over the weekend at a museum in Halifax. It takes nearly a month for our letters to travel to one another, so I wanted to get as much as I could in there for her without going over the 1 stamp weight limit. I’m quite happy with it and I hope she enjoys receiving it! πŸ™‚


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