Incoming: Cornflowers and a postcard

Just last week, I received a postcard from Mama Belgium, and then this week, just a matter of day later, we received a nice letter from her with a couple of packets of seeds to plant around the house 🙂

wpid-wp-1429715542538.jpegIt’s the second time she sends me poppies (from flanders, so extra special!), but a first for cornflowers! I am not familiar with them actually, so I’m quite excited to plant them! In fact, I’m really excited to start seeing those dutch tulips she gave me back in the fall start to sprout!! Hopefully the harsh winter we had did not damage them!

I also received a lovely vintage postcard from a fellow Canadian over on swap bot, we did an old postcard swap, and she chose this one. I had no idea postcards used to have wavy sides like that, how pretty! I’ve really been enjoying swapping with Canadians, the 2.50 stamps really add up for international and honestly, unless it’s a great swap, I’d rather keep my 2.50 stamps for my penpals! The Canadian community has been very friendly so far and we seem to be a tight group so we often encounter the same people in different swaps. It’s really nice!

Anyway, that’s all for Tuesdays mailbox opening, let’s see what today brings! 😛


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