”Plain” letters.

I received a ”plain” letter from one of my good pals yesterday, in which she apologized for not sprucing up her letter, and by that I mean, she sent it in a bright pink envelope with a frilly written address and some hand drawn flowers,  as well as a nice four page letter on pretty salmon coloured notepaper. It was a wonderful letter than I happily ripped open and enjoyed reading while I walked back to the house and continued to read after I’d plopped down into the couch. It was the kind of letter friends send. News, updates, with little funny bits and talks of her plans for the next few days. I thought it was pretty great and, why she apologized, is because she normally sends me these big whacky geeked out envelopes with lots of cool stickers and stuff, and apparently, pals have gotten annoyed in the past with a more plain letter.

Isn’t that a little extreme? I mean, I love a decorated letter as much as anyone else, and I enjoy decorating them as much as anyone else, but doesn’t the whole idea of writing to someone lie in the words? Isn’t having a penpal all about making a friend? We all have our days where a glue stick, scissors and sparkles are our best friends and we want to bedazzle the bejeezus out of our pals, but lets not forget about the words! I’m not saying jotting down half a page on a crinkled piece of paper and calling it a day, I’m talking about a nice long letter that is actually saying something!

I always try to write a nice letter, but I also sometimes get caught up in decking it out. Maybe from time to time, I’ll let go of my death grip on my glue stick and set down the sparkles and concentrate all my efforts wholeheartedly on the connection.

I guess the moral of the story(although it may be hard to find due to my rambles), is that in a time when snail mail is all over the place on pinterest, wordpress, and instagram, with each piece being more beautiful then the next, maybe, just maybe, we should keep our expectations in check and remember that the initial idea behind a penpal is to have a pal to write to.

What do you think? Do you ever find yourself getting a little caught up in the glitzting and glamming of your letters? Or have you found yourself getting annoyed when someone doesn’t spruce up their letter?


7 thoughts on “”Plain” letters.

  1. marinegirl1 says:

    I totally agree with you, the idea of penpalling is about the actual written text and connection you get through it. Of course its nice to find a colourful letter and I totally admit that I probably have to much fun decorating my letters and envelopes but thats just because its a great way to be creative when I don’t have another outlet. I think the fact that someone sat down and wrote a letter that is several pages long shows a lot more that they care than a heavily decorated letter thats just one page…. anyway that’s my little bit of ramble to add to yours 🙂

    • Shannon says:

      Exactly! 🙂 I love to send and receive plenty of pretty letters, and I’ve seen some other bloggers send some truly beautiful stuff, but all I mean is that I really don’t want to lose touch with the words and connections!

  2. Sincerely Kate says:

    I’m definitely into this hobby because of the letters themselves and now how “cute” it is. More often than not I leave the envelope as is as the desire to decorate them comes and goes. I’d rather send/get “plain” letters full of substance, than something brief but beautiful looking.

    • Shannon says:

      Exactly! My desire to decorate envelopes is pretty much endless though, envelopes are pretty much the place I unleash my creativity the most freely! 😛

    • Shannon says:

      I still love a cute letter, but its not necessary every time. And if it happens to actually have very little actual content, then it’s a no go, plain or decorated!

  3. April Hayman says:

    I struggle with this all the time. I love making folders to put the letter and other goodies in that sometimes I exhaust myself before I even go to the letter! You’re right, though, the words are what matters and I need to remember that more often. But I still like to make them pretty. 🙂

    aka ahayman
    swap-bot June Blog Hop

    • Shannon says:

      Don’t worry, I struggle with it too!! Sometimes it’s just too fun outdoing yourself with something that will really blow someones mind!

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