Goodbye Mr. Buns :(

Today, I am saddened to announce that my little Mr. Bunny, Hobbs passed away sometime in the early hours of morning. I have no idea what happened, he did not appear unwell, in fact everything seemed normal. I beat myself up at first, wondering if I could not have prevented it somehow, but after reading many websites about it, I realized that sometimes, it just happens. Bunnies are delicate little animals, and oftentimes, even when you do realize something is wrong and seek veterinary assistance, there is little that can be done that will save your bunny.

What really breaks my heart is how cute his little face still looked, with his long white whiskers pointing out everywhere:( And the fact that Ama spent a good part of the day outside, building the outdoor runs we had talked about for the bunnies. The divider had not yet been put up, so I guess his sister will just have an even bigger space to run around in once it’s complete. How sad that he never got a chance to be outside again 😦

Rest in peace my sweet little Mr. Bunns 😦

May you hop and kick up your heels freely in a happy bunny place!



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