All the happenings.

So spring has sprung, and with it has come a much busier days. Mrs. Bunny seems to be doing quite well still, and Thursday, my chickens will be arriving ( and going straight to moms until we get our pen up!) The first days of really good weather fell on my work weekend, because, of course, why wouldn’t it? 😛 For some reason, the beautiful weather seemed to put the customers into a foul, foul mood. They must have thought that we should be punished for being stuck indoors on such a nice day hehe! Luckily, the days flew by and I got to come home to my handsome man cooking delicious foods on the BBQ and my fur babies happily laying in the sunshine. Ahhh Happiness!

Sunday night, I got out my bicycle and decided I would ride it into town the next morning. We live 10 kms away from town and my bicycle seat hurts my butt, so neither Hubby or I really thought I would make it all the way to town, so we arranged that I would just give him a call when I wanted him to come save me, if need be. Need did not arise, however! I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my whole journey to town went. Only once did some rustling in the woods make me peddle frantically in semi-panic! Only one big hill forced me to bow my head in shame and walk my bike up the hill! And( thankfully) only once did I have to go through a construction zone. Do you have any idea of how awkward it is when a lollipop-man holds up a line of traffic while you peddle across a one lane bridge? Time. Stood. Still. It felt like one of those dreams where you are running and running, but barely moving. I was pedaling and pedaling but it just didn’t feel like I would ever get across the darn bridge! Anyways, I made it, and I’m quite proud of myself! 🙂 The rest of the day was spent chipping away at the mounds of yard work that needs to be done before the grass starts growing abundantly!

Finally,today, we took Big dog to the vet to have her array of lumps and bumps checked out. Good news, the 2 big bumps are nothing to worry about, just fat lumps she said. Less-good news, the little lumps in her nipples are not a good sign, so as a result, we will be taking her back in tomorrow for preventive surgery. The lumps could be no big deal, but they could be cancer and its best to simply have them removed than to take the chance of them being a problem. They took an x-ray of her chest to make sure everything was good in her lungs, did some blood work to make sure she was healthy and everything looks good on that front, so tomorrow should be smooth sailing, or as smooth as can be given the circumstances. I’m still worried sick though. I was incredibly nervous when my little man went for a simple neutering, so I’m likely going to be a train wreck when my old girl goes in for a more complicated procedure!! Fingers crossed that all goes well!


Anyways, those have been the happenings of the homestead over the last few days, they are more on the personal side than my usual snail mail stuff, but that’s bound to happen from time to time, especially when my mailbox has been fairly empty for the last little while!!


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