Georgea on my mind.

Well, as a follow up to my last post, our Big dog, Georgea went in for her surgery yesterday and although it did go well and she’s home safe and sound, it could have gone better. Poor girl was so stressed that she kept coming out from the anesthetic and had everyone in high stress for the procedure. The stress also led to diarrhea which made it all that much harder to keep her comfortable and clean when we got her home.

We managed to get everyone settled in and got to bed around 10:30, only to be woken up again at 1. I tried to get back to bed, but the heavy medication, her confusion, stress and pain had her up and wandering the dining room floor whining, so I ended up bundling myself in a comforter and sleeping on the dining room floor next to her for a few hours. Every 10 minutes or so for the first hour she would wake up abruptly, probably in confusion, so I’m glad I stuck around, and we both managed to get some ( uncomfortable, but much needed) sleep.

I’m glad to say that today, things are looking up. Although she still is in pain ( who wouldn’t be with 8 inches of stapled incision across their tummy? ) she seems much more comfortable and is no longer having ”bum accidents”, thank goodness! I’m thinking the next few days will involve lots of sleep, and hopefully I can get in on some of that! 😛

My big girl, recovering.

My big girl, recovering.


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