Peanut butter frosting; Life hack!

I’m pretty sure I’ve just I’ve just created a cheat code for my baking life! I’m making mom a small mothers day and since my parents have been limiting their sugar intake for several months now, I wanted to make something healthy-ish.

I found an interesting carrot cake recipe on Green Kitchen Stories and, since I’m notoriously terrible at following recipes, made it my own by dropping the dates, dropping the oil for margarine(it’s all I had, olive oil aside), adding ground flax seeds, and totally winging it with the spices. I have little cream cheese, no lime and no honey in the house at the moment, which threw my frosting right out the window, so I was going to just put light whipped cream topping on it as a frosting. But then I tasted the cake… And because the cake contains banana to sweeten it, there is obviously a light banana taste. And for my tastebuds, where there is banana, there is peanut butter!

I think you might see where I’m going here…

As I was putting a little coat of light PB between the layers, my eyes caught the PB jar and the whipped topping tubs sitting next to one another and next thing I knew, I had a spoonful of ummy, yummy, delicious whipped peanut butter topping in my mouth. And then another. And another. Admittedly I ate way too much of the stuff, but Oh. MY. Goodness!!!  The result is the perfect little love child of peanut butter(mhh!) and whipped topping ( mhh!). Its texture is perfect, not too fluffy, but also not too tongue snapping peanut buttery, it tastes peanutty enough to love it, but without being so powerful that your cake tastes like your morning toast. It’s the perfect little baking Life Hack for me! I want to put it on everything I bake from this day forward!! XP

Yummy, yummy, whipped  peanut butter cake topping!

Yummy, yummy, whipped peanut butter cake topping!

The best part is, there is a much, much lower sugar content in this than there would be if I had made actual frosting using confectioners sugar/ icing sugar!


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