Six year and counting

On Saturday June 13th, my Mr. and I celebrated the day we met, 6 years earlier, and the start of our awesome adventure together! Looking back, we have done, seen and accomplished so much together and come so far that it feels like a small lifetime instead of a mere six years!

I can remember clear as day how it all started; sitting jet lagged on a small bridge over the Graslei in Gent, taking in the beautiful sights, listening to the chatter of a small steady croud of tourists and locals alike as they walked by. It was then that I saw him for the first time.He was riding onto the bridge on his bicycle and I spotted him in the crowd, the way you would spot someone you knew. We smiled as he rode by and I commented to my friend about the cute guy on the bike I had just seen. And then he rode by again. And again. And finally, feeling oh so brazen since I was in a foreign country and all, I decided that if he past again, I would stop him and talk to him. I didn’t need to though, because while I distractedly played with my toes, a bicycle wheel and a foot stopped in front of me and jabbered an incoherent phrase ( turns out it was actually just Flemish XP). One thing led to a next and with a super charming awkwardly blurted ”wanna come for a drink with us?” he lead us off to a nice little Irish pub in the heart of his Belgian city. ❤

In our first year alone, we spent innumerable hours chatting over the 5500 and some KMs and 6 time zones, we traveled together to Ireland and New York and he flew in to Montreal in the dead of winter to visit me for my birthday. We traveled back and fourth more times than I care to count right now and finally settled down together in the not-quite-halfway but still neutral grounds of Nova Scotia. Our lives have come so far and I’m so proud of what we have become! We are married, own our home, work on our little piece of land, have a whole little crew of critters that we have just added to and every year our home gets cozier and cozier and we still make each other laugh every day. I don’t think I could be happier or more lucky if I tried and I look forward to a lifetime of more adventures, big and small, that await us!! ❤

Ireland, 2009- About a week after we met!

Ireland, 2009- About a week after we met

A giggle fit on our honeymoon.

A giggle fit on our honeymoon.


The flock has arrived!

I’ve mentioned multiple times by now, I am sure, that I wanted and/or would be getting chickens. Well, I did! Back in mid may, I paid for them and, because I was totally unprepared for them, sent them off to live with my mom and her chickens..that is, until this Sunday! 🙂

11412333_10152817051021372_982526648213239648_nI was pretty fortunate that the move over did not disturb their laying whatsoever and in just a few days, I’ve collected a dozen eggs! I am slightly beyond what would be considered the ”normal amount of excited” I should be to no longer need to buy eggs for some time. It has become my routine to visit my Clucks several times a day and thank the ladies when I find an egg. I’m weird. I know.

I also like to think that I’ve been fortunate with having some fairly well behaved chickens. From day one I’ve been letting them out to free roam the yard while I work in the garden , and with the exception of one adventurous Ms Whitey Clover, they tend to stay very near. Ms Whitey on the other hand does like to explore. She is like a cartoon chicken. Oh so curious. And unafraid to snoop through the tall grass or peck at the dogs coats.

Here they are under the watchful eye of our Little Dog. They are the closest thing she has come to a herd of sheep and I dare say; She is delighted by her new flock!11427236_10152823794971372_2041329585565749583_n

Geeky mail call

About a month ago, Kerry A.K.A The Geeky Book Lady and I decided to do a Geeky themed swap. The idea was, we would each send the other a list of some of our top  fandoms and then put together a little packaged based off that!

While I’m still waiting for some online orders to come in for my swap, Kerry had her part all done and sent it to me early last week. Have a peek! 🙂

Pretty sure my mail lady is either jealous, or judges me XP

Pretty sure my mail lady is either  jealous, or judges me XP


Dr Who!

Inside the lovely package was an array of cool stuff such as notebooks, bookmarks, pens and pins, as well as a bracelet and the cutest little keychain made to look like a mini version of the book The Hobbit!! ❤

Missing from the picture is a leather bracelet stamped with the phrase ''Bow ties are cool''. Guess which fandom? :P

Missing from the picture is a leather bracelet stamped with the phrase ”Bow ties are cool”. Guess which fandom? 😛

And, the adorable keychain in questions <3

And, the adorable keychain in questions ❤

I am so excited to get the rest of the mail I’ve been waiting on so I can get her swap ready and sent out!! I think I am as excited to send as I was to receive!! XP

Incoming: Diamonds from British Colombia!

I must say, I had a pretty good week in terms of snail mail! It all started with a puzzling parcel pick-up slip. I don’t normally have to make the trip to the P.O outlet ( Not that it’s much of a detour since I work there!) for mail, most times its small enough to fit in my mailbox and does not require a signature or anything, so I was curious!

When I arrived at the P.O I was greeted with this lovely package:

wpid-img_20150601_153956.jpgNot an inch of free space! 🙂 And I had to chuckle at all the diamonds. This was a surprisingly large profile swap from lady in BC on swapbot. Due to a small postal restriction joke I’d made about diamonds;

”Canadian Postal restrictions

There are import restrictions on Plants, seeds and other agricultural products, this includes wood and leaves.

Oh and you can’t s end me rough cut diamonds without proper documentation…because I’m sure you were planning on sending me diamonds! XP”

she decided to take on the challenge of going with a diamond theme! The swap had called for an envelope with 30 to 100 grams of profile based goodies. The postage should only cost at tops 5.95. What I got instead? Over 500 grams of goodies, gooood goodies 😀 This goes to show that for every occasional crappy swap you get on swapbot, sooner of later you get an amazing one again, like this one or my super-swap from Korea!

Anywho, let’s check out some of the awesome contents shall we? 🙂


Diamond craft cards/pocket letter cards/journal cards


More cards, craft gems and smashbook stuff..


Still more! And a big ol’ craft diamond that I’ll have to find something to do with XP I especially like the little Shine on flag! One of my favourite songs is Shine on by the Kooks which led to a few of my friends making a play off my name and calling my Shineon ( makes more sense when you hear my name pronounced in French XP)


Super cute book postcards and lots and lots of bright craft paper, stickers, and etc


Even postage stamps..whaaaat! 😀


Some really cool diamond stickers and smashbook diamond tape ( love this stuff!!)

She somehow even found a little moisturizer in diamond form!!

She somehow even found a little moisturizer in diamond form!!

And the cherry on top of the wonderful diamondy cake was these guys!!

And the cherry on top of the wonderful diamondy cake was these guys!!

Yup! You saw that right..Dr.Who and The Hobbit postcards!! I broke out into a huge grin when I saw these,while sitting in my car in the middle of the parking lot! 🙂

At the end of the day, it’s not even the sheer quantity of fun stuff I received that made me so happy. What really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside was the obvious amount of thought and effort a pure stranger had put into a swap for little ol’ me. This person I have never met went out and about with me in mind and looked for things to send, she gathered it all up, spent hours packaging it all pretty and thoughtfully, probably spent another couple of hours fully decorating the envelope and writing me a letter, and then, coughed up the parcel rates it cost to ship it to me!!  I think she must be a very very special and kind lady ❤

An Etsy re-launch!

That’s right! I’ve decided to put my Etsy account to good use! I was a little nervous and indecisive at first; What if it doesn’t work? What if nobody buys anything? And really, all that is still possible, but I thought it would be worth a shot! So without further ado, I present to you Shannonekes Shop!

As of right now, I only have a handful of listings, but I am currently working on an exciting idea that I hope to bring to the shop soon.

I love pretty paper and paper crafts, and stationery in general, and usually find it too pricey, so, I’d offer some of my handmade versions to others! I may very well add non-stationery items in time, but right now most of my ideas are in the snail mail/paper craft categories!

Why don’t you check it out? And since I’ve just plugged my own etsy shop, feel free to share yours with me in the comments 😉