The flock has arrived!

I’ve mentioned multiple times by now, I am sure, that I wanted and/or would be getting chickens. Well, I did! Back in mid may, I paid for them and, because I was totally unprepared for them, sent them off to live with my mom and her chickens..that is, until this Sunday! 🙂

11412333_10152817051021372_982526648213239648_nI was pretty fortunate that the move over did not disturb their laying whatsoever and in just a few days, I’ve collected a dozen eggs! I am slightly beyond what would be considered the ”normal amount of excited” I should be to no longer need to buy eggs for some time. It has become my routine to visit my Clucks several times a day and thank the ladies when I find an egg. I’m weird. I know.

I also like to think that I’ve been fortunate with having some fairly well behaved chickens. From day one I’ve been letting them out to free roam the yard while I work in the garden , and with the exception of one adventurous Ms Whitey Clover, they tend to stay very near. Ms Whitey on the other hand does like to explore. She is like a cartoon chicken. Oh so curious. And unafraid to snoop through the tall grass or peck at the dogs coats.

Here they are under the watchful eye of our Little Dog. They are the closest thing she has come to a herd of sheep and I dare say; She is delighted by her new flock!11427236_10152823794971372_2041329585565749583_n


5 thoughts on “The flock has arrived!

  1. Ang Khocolateman says:

    They are gorgeous! Are they a special breed? Do the others have names? A friend of mine has three that look like yours and called them Yolko Ono, Arnold Schwaren-egg-er, and Cluck Norris. Good, no? =)

    We would like to get chickens, too, but will need to train our woofer not to treat them like chew toys. Very encouraging to hear that yours considers them her special flock!

    Thanks for sharing,
    -Ang (angel1985 on Swap-Bot for June Blog Hop)

  2. scrapingd says:

    awwwww i love this post. I have always wanted to have chickens to have fresh eggs, but i live in the city, so that wouldnt ever happen 😦 thanks for sharing the pics and the story about them…

    swapbot june blog hop scrapingd

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