Am I going granola?

Think everyone is familiar with the term “nesting” in regards to pregnant women, and if not, it’s basically when your hormones kick in and turn you into a neat freak. It’s even apparently an early sign on labour in some cases. Well, here I am, 9 days from my due date and my day consisted of netflix and pudding ( made it and ate it!). In fact, with each passing day, I check off less and less items from my to-do list. Here’s the funny thing though, with each passing day where my lardishness grows, my interest in eco-friendly granola-mom-ness seems to grow.

I guess you could say it all started early on when we decided to go the cloth diaper route. At the time, it was more of a financial thing than anything, you can save so much by going to cloth diaper route! Then, maternity leave started. Suddenly I found myself folding up my reusable grocery bags and tucking them into my purse so I’d be sure to have them at the store, found myself highly irritated with those stupid little plastic bags that you are supposed to put your fruit in at the store. Why do I need to bag a lemon? Plus, they are so flimsy that they always end up torn before I get home and I can’t reuse them. That led me to think about bulk barn and all the bags I accumulate there and started to wonder how One wouild go about using their own bags or jars there. Quick answer, you can’t. This then somehow led me back to my cloth diapers and I realized that it makes little sense to rely fully mon disposable wipes when I could just use washable one and toss them in with the diapers. Laundry needs to be done anyway! Speaking of laundry, dryer balls would save us a ton of money on dryer sheets and power, not to mention that I could use them with the diapers too. I even came across cloth breastpad, sanitary pads and toilet..cloth? Now although I’m not ready to take that leap at this current time, I couldn’t help think to myself that, well, lets face it, flannel and cotton probably feels a lot better on your privates, but also, think of all the cash you save in the long run! And of course, how much less goes into the landfills!

So really, I’m not sure if I’m going more eco friendly or just plain old frugal, but either way, I’m kind of liking this! Besides, if I’m not going to be cleaning my own house right now, the least I can be doing is planning to avoid putting some 3500 some diapers in the landfills this year.